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Strategies For Combat Climate Change - 1923 Words

Strategies to Combat Climate Change Climate change is an issue that affects all life on Earth and is a major concern among researchers across a variety of fields. There is quite little argument against the possibility of mass disaster if human beings continue to consume fossil fuels in the same way we have been since the late 1700s (i.e. the Industrial Revolution). To mitigate the severity of climate change, many different courses of action have been suggested. Dale Jamieson discusses two of these in his article Ethics, Public Policy and Global Warming, and these strategies are what this paper will be focusing on. One of the two methods Jamieson discusses to prevent the exacerbation of climate change is the Calculations Based Method. This strategy is concerned with the economic aspect of combatting climate change. To follow this route, researchers must determine the possible financial strains of each path and its subsequent outcomes. With this information, we can weigh the benefits that are the result of following that strategy against what it would cost to put it in place to begin with. The benefits are determined based on a preference-satisfaction criterion; what we want is what we pursue, and so what we pursue is what is good because it satisfies our want. We do not want Earth’s mean temperature to rise because it would cause millions of death, however, we do not want economic failure which is what would occur with the cessation of the use of greenhouse gases.Show MoreRelatedGlobal Climate Change : The United States Of America1260 Words   |  6 PagesThe perils of climate change ha ve the ability to impact the national interest concerning power, prosperity and peace. The continued challenges around the world, and domestically, it is critical the US implements a comprehensive grand strategy. Cooperative security gives the US the best possibility to achieve the goals that will lessen the effects and place the US ahead of the international agenda. Combating climate change will require successful policies such as international climate pacts, collective-actionRead MoreAchieving Sustainable Development Goals At A Un Summit922 Words   |  4 Pagesto combat climate change and its impacts†, along with its five targets. Are the Targets Truly Measurable? The most concretely measureable target under SDG 13 is 13.a. A deadline for this target is clearly stated along with the funds and specific parties needed to create a global impact. One will be able to identify progress, or lack of, by 2020. Target 13.b is unspecified and extremely vague, not indicating effective strategies for its measurability. LDC’s often contribute least to climate changeRead MoreThe Sustainable Development Goal ( Sdg )1056 Words   |  5 Pagesurgent action to combat climate change and its impacts,† and presents five targets for ensuring global sustainability and resilience in wake of the warming climatic system. For the sake of efficient analysis the measurability of the first three targets 13.1-13.3 regarding global adaptation will be grouped, while 13.a+b concerning developing countries will be addressed separately. The effectiveness of said targets in regards to the management of, and adaptation to, global climate change will then be evaluatedR ead MoreClimate Change: Impacts and Solutions653 Words   |  3 PagesClimate change is one of the most divisive topics in the recent years and this is reflected by the fact that more and more international bodies get actively involved in trying to come up with solutions to combat it. Even with the fact that the general public acknowledges the importance of devising effective strategies to slow and even stop climate change, it is actually very difficult for countries to do so when considering the economic factors related to the act. It is probable that developing countriesRead MoreEnvironmental Issues Of Human Rights Violations947 Words   |  4 Pagesthe environmental issues as human rights violations in legal terms is a complex task. However, in the last decade, petitions and suit cases against climate change issue were gradually filed. In 2006, the first suit case against the Environmental Protection Agency was reached to the U.S Supreme Court (Aminzade, 2006). A petition claim ed that climate change through emissions and air pollutants caused harm to public health and welfare. This case grabbed the attention of multiple environmental agencies;Read MoreThe Climate Change Of California1285 Words   |  6 Pagesend of the century1. With the rise of temperature, the climate of California would also be changed. California has large area of forest and farmland, hundreds of miles of coastline, large amount of snowpack, and other natural wonders. And these special treasures of nature are especially at risk2. So it is very necessary to understand the strategies of California to combat climate change. Influences of climate change in California The climate in California is expected to become warmer in the nextRead MoreEconomic And Social Development : Thailand Still Faces Critical Health Issues859 Words   |  4 Pagestotal deaths are a result of NCDs2. However, combatting NCDs proves difficult as development largely reflects individual behavior. Careful surveillance is needed3, without it tracking implications of behaviors is unreliable and developing prevention strategies is difficult with lacking data on epidemiological trends. Though preventable, they are often detected when advanced. Long term cases need proper management. But with a shortage of rehabilitative personnel tertiary care is threatened, this must beRead MoreThe Effects Of Climate Change On Society And The Environment1652 Words   |  7 PagesThe effects of climate crises are felt all over the globe, leaving harsh impacts on society and the environment. From typhoons to hurricanes to rising sea levels to rising atmospheric temperatures, cities around the w orld cannot escape the effects of climate change, but they are able to combat it. They are able to help the earth instead of continuing to harm it, and the way to do this is through implementing climate change programs. Even if one city chooses not to carry out such a program, it doesRead MoreHow Governments Can Help Aid The Climate Issue1195 Words   |  5 Pages 1. When issues arise, governments are the ones that intervene into the market to correct market failures; these include issues such as climate change. In order to correct these issues government use methods such as inequality, externalities and public goods. This restores efficiency as well as increasing the economic well being of society. The environment is accessible by every individual as it is non-excludable. Thus, meaning that no one can be prohibited from using it and one person’s use diminishesRead MoreMemo Summary938 Words   |  4 PagesSummary of the Memo This memorandum provides a summary of the environmental and political background of Ontario’s greenhouse gas emissions. It specifies the varying impacts of climate change as a result of increases in GHG emissions and gives examples of how and where these impacts are being felt in Canada. As a large contributor to Canada’s overall GHG emissions, Ontario should provide regulations and policies to mitigate these emissions. A variety of policy instruments will be examined to determine

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Analysis Of The Garden Of Death By Hugo Simberg - 1142 Words

In this essay the 1896 watercolour and gouache version of The Garden of Death by Hugo Simberg will be discussed and analysed from three methodological art history perspectives: Biographically-based art history, Erwin Panofsky’s 3-stage method of pre-iconographic, iconographic and iconology, and Reception theory. The limits of these art histories will each be demonstrated. To begin, a biographically-based art history on Hugo Gerhard Simberg, who was born in 1873 in the Finnish town of Hamina. At the age of 18 he enrolled in the Drawing School of the Viipuri Art Association and two years later the School of the Finnish Arts Association where he met Akseli Gallen-Kallela (1865–1931), a Symbolist artist whom Simberg later studied under.†¦show more content†¦But upon closer inspection these areas are tied into the picture through the use of bits of yellow and blue on their white, reflected from the colours near the specific white area, for example the middle white area has blue reflected on it from the blue dots closest to it. The three figures are placed at strategic points so a diagonal line can be drawn to connect where they are standing, giving a sense of balance to the picture, though the true centre of the picture does not focus on anything in particular. The second stage is an iconographic analysis where â€Å"the viewer identi fies the image as a known story or recognisable character.† This allows the viewer to read deeper into the meaning of the artwork through the analysis of symbols which have preassigned meanings. The environment in this artwork can now be identified as a garden and the three figures related to death as they are skeletons. Whether they are each a personification of death, with the purpose of taking life, or simply a depiction of the souls of those who have died might change how the viewer understands the environment they are depicted in. The black cloak the skeletons wear is similar to that of the Grim Reaper, a

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Dave Barry free essay sample

After women were liberated, those roles were disrupted and women became viewed as more qualified to take on those more masculine responsibilities. At first, one can imagine that men might have felt their definite masculinity slipping away from them and been insulted, but as time has passed that pride has subsided and men are now giving in to the new role women play in society, or as Barry implies, men have not only succumbed to this, but have gotten lazy. I disagree that the balance of responsibility between men and women is weighted more heavily on women due to mens passive or lazy tendencies because especially in a family situation, there are too many variables for the blame to rest on just one gender. There certainly are circumstances where, especially in a household, passiveness or laziness is the driving force behind imbalance of roles between men and women. However, this is interchangeable when it comes to gender. We will write a custom essay sample on Dave Barry or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page For example, my very own parents fit the stereotype Barry creates in reverse. Both of my parents cook, but my father is the chef. My mother has her few special dishes that she’ll repeatedly cook and we do enjoy, but my father is always in charge of the specialty concoctions. My dad does the grocery shopping which he takes on after a full day of work, buys more groceries than we need and while attempting and failing to put them away due to lack of room, proceeds to clean the kitchen, which leads to cleaning the living room, garage, office and anything else his to do list of a brain can think up. My mother is perfectly capable of these tasks, but allows my dad to work himself. Whether that is because getting in my dad’s way when he’s on a mission is dangerous in itself, or because she simply knows he’ll do the work so she doesn’t have to, I can’t say for sure, but after years of marriage my mother has turned from staying out of his way to passively leaving him to take on a heaping plate of responsibility, that could easily be divided up and passed on out. This family dynamic has absolutely nothing to do with women’s liberation or gender in general; it is merely circumstance that is created by individuals in a unique situation. Though Barry makes a humorous point about the truth behind the stereotype of men, he does not consider the vast amount of variables that can affect this stereotype. As much as I’d like to agree that men are useless, that kind of broad generalization is not truth or fact by any means and therefore I cannot. I have seen firsthand not only the reverse of his example, but a complicated mixture. The roles of men and women are swapped, shared and separated depending on the situation, the individual and the dynamics of certain relationships, not solely on stereotypical gender roles.

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Intel China Essay Example

Intel China Essay What are the reasons for Lis behavior? Yong Li, one of the AM’s for the firm has already achieved a certain extent of success within the primary focus of Intel’s strategy to develop connections and associations with the clients in his account base. Li is conscious to the fact that his accomplishments as an Intel ambassador is unquestionable and consequently to bring in additional value to his role he has placed effort, time and plan to one of the individual projects he has undertaken to self improvise and take a comprehensive approach to the detailing of the particular project. Li is self driven to achieve stiff targets that he sets out for himself, however the decision received from Tang’s office to scrap out the project indirectly through Qing Chen after two months of effort was taken into account as an insult to his calibre and competence. Li experienced an instant disengagement with his immediate supervisor and manager as he felt that his hard work, overall performance and the effort placed in his long term approach in the project was disregarded without any deliberation by the new heads of the division. 2. What are the roles of Chinese and Western cultures in these events? We will write a custom essay sample on Intel China specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Intel China specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Intel China specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer The case study presents a perspective of the underlying troubles within China Intel Corporation management styles that is flanked between a western corporate functioning and eastern philosophies deterring a smooth management change process and raising questions on decision making and directing people towards a common goal of the company. Charles Tang originally a native from China has recently moved back from US as Intel’s new marketing head; however the employees and officials view him as a young expatriate who is unfamiliar with the â€Å"ways of the place†. Initially Tang in his interactions with the Chinese officials was undetermined as his direct responses held no weight in confidence. Tang soon learnt that his style of answering in a straight forward fashion without taking time to contemplate on the reactions was not accepting into the Chinese culture. He established credibility as he adapted a new stroke change by means of asking for additional background information and time for his boss to make the final decision. However Tang interaction with his team was guided by Intel’s professional code of conduct policy on the â€Å"disagree and commit† philosophy. When Tang made a decision to restructure and streamline the team assignments in order to advance Intel China strategic objective, he received Yong Li’s extreme emotional reaction of â€Å"losing face† which signified impairment between the relationships of the two parties. As a senior manager, Tang witnesses the effect of on the organizational culture imparted from an employees change in behaviour due to his decision. In the face of this issue, Tang has called for a joint meeting to resolve the issue as he internally believes an open discussion will take care of the grievance; however he faces the pressure to deliver consistent decision making behaviour at his seniority level. The clash of ideologies within Tang is caused by his personal style adopted in the west of dealing and understanding people in an open style and the new strategic responsibilities he must adhere and prioritise for the company to succeed. The case study does not elaborate much about Qing Chen, the new departmental manager’s role in the company. Qing Chen as per instructions has conveyed the decision to discontinue the project in an autocratic manner to Yong Li. However her role as an immediate supervisor does not end with relaying information only and she is required to perform a strategic and active role involved in understanding daily operations of the team and directing them accordingly in order to bridge the gap between the senior management’s vision and the AM’s roles towards the goal. 3. How would you have handled the situation with Li? Would there have been a way to save face? In this scenario being considered an expatriate, every action taken as per the need of the role is viewed prejudice. Hence the challenge before leading the employees to perform their goals must involve building trust and confidence amongst both the parties involved. Charles Tang at his level is set out to make strategic decisions and cannot be completely involved in micro management; however his subordinate Qing Chen must be delegated to be actively involved in the daily operations and also understand the team’s including Yong Li’s disposition at work, general attitudes, team dynamics, ethnic background and aspirations. As this situation has lead to one of the crucial performer’s of the team â€Å"losing face†, it is necessary for Charles Tang to address the entire AM team in a forum to articulate Intel’s strategic goals and reiterate that contributions at work are valued however they must be focused towards achieving the common objective of Intel. At this stage the company’s â€Å"disagree and commit† philosophy must be revisited to make the team members aware of it. He must emphasize that the team’s direct contact and daily updates with Qing Chen must be adhered. At the end Tang must appreciate the top performers of the team and announce his plans to reassess existing projects as per the strategy. The one on one meeting with Yong Li must be directed carefully to avoid any emotional hijack of the decision already taken. However the main intention of the meeting is to build back the Yong Li’s confidence and reinstate his credibility by understanding his point of view on the scope of the project. In case during the review, new light is thrown upon the importance, range and feasibility of the project, Charles Tang may be required to revisit his decision and set deadlines for the project. Simultaneously, Qing Chen must be part of the review and the AM’s must be instructed on giving regular updates to her. Likewise she must be individually explained on her accountability towards the team’s performance and updates. 4. What must Intel do in China if it wishes to attract and keep the best and brightest employees? An American multinational company such as Intel to coexist and excel in china must first understand how Chinese administration and work philosophy differs from American corporate culture. To manage potential cross cultural conflict, global managers like Tang must be equipped with skills to be gain insightful knowledge on the nuances of the Chinese culture in order to bring out the best in people. Secondly, as per Intel’s philosophy to encourage innovation the company believes in encouraging dissent through the â€Å"disagree and commit philosophy†. However encouraging disagreement to advance effectiveness under no circumstances implies distortion of the reporting lines. Hence the corporate power structure must be restored through the vertical managerial hierarchy. As the top brass of the management is intensely involved in organising and developing programs locally and combining its expertise through global integration, simultaneously overseeing the administration of the account managers by the supervisors must not be overlooked. To improve the reporting lines between the supervisors and the account managers, the supervisors must be empowered to make decisions with a broader scope of authority. In this case, the supervisor must have their ears to the ground to listen to various ideas and strategies from the employees through which a constant engagement and regular performance progress track report is maintained. To strive towards the vision of the company, improving internal communications within the organisation may be considered. Encouraging and applauding good ideas at work through a transparent and fair system similar to an incentive or recognition program may be devised to build a corporate culture to support continuous innovation within the company.

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Convincing your boss to let you work from home (template included)

Convincing your boss to let you work from home (template included) Thanks to innovations in technology in recent years, the work world is changing at breakneck speed- and many of these changes are affecting how we perform our jobs on a daily basis. One big change involves where we do our jobs- everything from new teleconferencing apps like GoToMeeting to advances in mobile computing have made it possible for many of us to successfully do our jobs from anywhere, including work from home. Some progressively minded companies have really embraced this option, and are allowing their employees more flexible schedules that include a work from home option. This can be a real perk for current and prospective employees, and it can also benefit the companies as well- lost time spent getting ready for work and commuting often gets regained and poured into being more productive and employees who are empowered with a work from home option are often more enthusiastic and motivated on the job.Other companies, for one reason or another, have been more reluctant to a llow their employees a work from home option- with the unfortunate result being that both employers and employees fail to benefit from the opportunity.Do you work for a company that hasn’t yet embraced working from home? If so, there may be a way to convince the powers-that-be to consider making a change. What’s the secret to getting your boss to be open to this possibility? It’s no secret- in fact, it’s a well-known strategy and it’s one that’s been proven effective whenever the goal is to convince someone of the merits of a new business idea: you use clear and convincing logic, backed up by substantiated evidence, to make a compelling case. Be sure not to make the primary focus of the request about how this benefits you, but instead how it could potentially benefit the entire company.When you decide to talk to your boss in an attempt to convince them to let you work from home, choose your time and method of communication wisely.Is your bos s in a better mood at the beginning of the week on a Monday or at the end of the week on a Friday? Is the beginning of the day or the end of the day the best time frame?Does your boss prefer face-to-face discussions or are they more open and responsive to emails? Stating your case via email may be a smart option, as having your points laid out in writing will allow them to be reviewed and re-reviewed by your boss as needed as they work towards making a decision.The following is a sample email that you can use as a guide to help you prepare for your conversation with your boss:Hi [Boss’s name],  I’ve been thinking about ways to help boost efficiency at work and I came across this interesting data about the benefits of allowing employees to work from home: know you’re busy, so I pulled out some of the key points:   It improves overall employee satisfactionIt helps reduce employee attrition and turn overIt reduces unscheduled employee absencesIt can help increase employee motivation and productivityIt can help reduce office/administrative costsIt’s a good perk when trying to attract new talentPerhaps a pilot program might be a good way to test this- I’d be more than willing to take part. If it goes well, we can look at a wider rollout? I’m happy to discuss this further, thank you for taking the time to consider this.Best wishes,[Your name]This sample email is short, sweet, and direct, and provides compelling information to help convince your boss to at least consider trying this out. It’s focused on ways to help the company overall (not just you), which will make you look good. And it’s polite and professional, which are definitely helpful when you’re trying to be convincing at work. But of course, you know your boss best, so feel free to adapt this email accordingly to your boss and situation. Hopefully, with a little effort and luck, you can convince your boss to let you try working from home.

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Renewable energy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Renewable energy - Essay Example energy is energy generated from resources that are naturally refilled on a human timescale such as rain, geothermal heat, waves, sun, and wind (Harvey and Brown 41). The cost of generating hydropower is low making it the most preferable source of the world’s renewable energy. Further, hydroelectric plants are said to have long economic lives with some plants having the ability to be in service for over 50 years. The cost of operation is not high since plants are automated and have few people on site during normal operations. In addition, hydro energy is more flexible source of power or electricity because plants can be ramped or inclined up and down to adapt to transforming energy needs. Once a hydropower dam is constructed, the project generates no direct waste to the ecosystem and has low production of greenhouse gases than fossil fuels (Somma 46). It is vital to note that many nations recommend energy sources such as hydropower, wind and sun because they do not emit any harmful chemicals and gases such as carbon dioxide and it is not a major contributor to global warming via carbon dioxide. Energy source such as hydropower is a renewable source of energy or power because rivers and streams are naturally available. Further, hydropower is not expensive as compared to energy produced from nuclear energy or fossil fuels. The advantage of hydroelectric reservoirs is that they are able to tackle daily, seasonal, and peak loads. For instance, when the demand of electric falls, the reservoirs or dams store water while some installed electricity generators are used to store excess energy (Harvey and Brown 33). Biofuel production revolves around the fact that biofuel is a renewable source of energy. Biofuels have a source material and unlike oil, which often takes thousands of years for the fossil fuels to be produced, the biofuels are renewable because new crops can often be grown and the waste material collected for production of oil. Biofuel production has helped

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Letter to an Editor of the Campus Newspaper Essay - 1

Letter to an Editor of the Campus Newspaper - Essay Example It was not so much the revision of my own thoughts but revising my expression of them. Argumentative submissions and genre interpretation is always difficult because my writing is subjective. I can distinctly recall worrying about â€Å"coming across† the right way. I think that there is a line between conveying your message and censuring it for the eyes of others so I was always careful to not cross it. I find that in the argumentative process, I become easily lost which demonstrated my total lack of discipline. Thus my first decision was to make a concerted effort to not inject myself too much into my argument. I had a problem identifying my audience for the genre translation and as a result found myself consistently revising but to what end? Ultimately I would begin again and again because I kept identifying different targets and it took quite some time before I came to the realization that the interpretation could be generally applied. 2. Describe the rhetorical situation as you see it for both your argument paper and your genre translation. Be sure to discuss both audience and purpose for both documents. A rhetorical situation is far easier to convey when it is applied to an argument because the sense of urgency is raised by the issue being argued. The audience is hopefully automatically compelled by the tone and terms of the issues presented in the argument itself. Moreover, one tends to become personally involved in their arguments which also is revealed in their writing. An argument is an attempt to convince whereas genre translation is equally subjective, but without the force or conviction behind it. I find that the audience and purpose of genre translation is far harder to convey than that of the argument. Argument is an imperative whereas genre interpretation seems to be an attempt to bridge a gap without conviction. With genre interpretation it is difficult to contemplate whom it is that